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DARCHE's Eclipse Shower Tent and Twin Cube Shower Tent are here to elevate your camping experience. Designed with durability and convenience in mind, these innovative tents offer a spacious and private shower area, complete with easy setup and high-quality materials. Whether you're hitting the beach or exploring the wilderness, DARCHE's shower tents provide the ultimate combination of functionality and comfort.


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DARCHE's Eclipse Shower Tent

Designed for convenience and functionality, this tent offers a range of features to elevate your camping adventures. With zippered access via the corners and a zippered rear wall, gaining easy access to your vehicle has never been simpler. No more struggling with limited entry points or awkward angles.

The Eclipse Shower Tent is equipped with an LED light strip featuring a USB connection, providing bright illumination for nighttime use. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark and enjoy a well-lit shower area. Furthermore, this tent includes two internal storage pockets and a hanging cord for towels or toilet paper, ensuring your essentials are always within reach.

DARCHE's Twin Cube Shower Tent: Versatile and Efficient

Experience the ultimate versatility with DARCHE's Twin Cube Shower Tent. This all-in-one tent is perfect for showering, changing, or setting up a toilet cubicle. Its fast assembly with an instant frame allows for quick setup and packing down in minutes, saving you valuable time and energy.

The Twin Cube Shower Tent features two convenient direct access doors to each cubicle, providing privacy and easy entry. No more waiting in line or compromising personal space. Additionally, it includes an internal door for enhanced privacy and comfort within the tent.

Mesh roof and removable canopy maximise ventilation, allowing for fresh air circulation and reducing humidity inside the tent. The silver coated walls provide complete privacy, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable shower experience. With a multi-position towel rack and separate storage organiser, you can keep your belongings tidy and accessible.

This shower tent also offers multiple hose access points, a storage caddy, and a hook to secure the shower rose. The sturdy frame supports up to a 20L solar shower, allowing for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience even in remote locations.

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