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4 Person Tents

DARCHE 4 Person Tents

DARCHE's Safari range of canvas tents is your ideal 4 person camping choice. These tents offer ample headroom and a straightforward setup, ensuring a hassle-free camping experience. Crafted with high-quality materials, DARCHE's 4-person tents provide durability and comfort. Explore the Safari range today and embrace the simplicity of an old-school canvas tent for your outdoor adventures.


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4 person tents

Discover the Perfect Camping Haven: Safari 260 & Safari 350 4-Person Tents

Effortless Setup and Pack Down: 

Experience stress-free camping with DARCHE's Safari 260 and Safari 350 4-person tents. These tents feature a single internal trigger-lock pole, allowing for quick and easy setup and pack down. Spend less time struggling with complicated tent assembly and more time enjoying your outdoor adventures.

Exceptional Ventilation for Comfortable Stay: 

Stay cool and comfortable inside your tent with the exceptional ventilation provided by gusseted side windows and vents in the Safari 260 and Safari 350 tents. Enjoy a refreshing breeze that keeps the interior well-ventilated, ensuring a pleasant environment during your camping trips.

Spacious Front Entry with Versatile Awning: 

Step into a spacious camping experience with the large front entry and zip-on/off awning of the Safari 260 and Safari 350 tents. The ample space allows for easy access and creates a covered outdoor area for relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. Need extra shade? The rear window storm flap conveniently converts into an awning, providing additional protection from the elements.

Bug-Free Camping with Insect Mesh:

Don't let bugs ruin your camping experience. DARCHE's Safari 260 and Safari 350 tents come equipped with fine insect mesh on all windows, providing effective protection from mosquitoes and other bugs. Rest easy and enjoy uninterrupted sleep, knowing that you are shielded from unwanted visitors.

Stay Organised with Convenient Gear Pockets: 

Keep your camping essentials within reach and organised with the convenient internal gear pockets of the Safari 260 and Safari 350 tents. These storage solutions ensure that your belongings are neatly stowed away, maximising space and minimising clutter in your camping haven.

Experience the ultimate camping adventure with DARCHE's Safari 260 and Safari 350 4-person tents. With their quick setup, exceptional ventilation, versatile awning, insect protection, and convenient gear pockets, these tents offer everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience. Say goodbye to camping hassles and embrace the joy of outdoor exploration with these remarkable tents.

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