Rooftop Tent Travel Hacks: Maximising Comfort and Convenience on the Road

Rooftop Tent Travel Hacks: Maximising Comfort and Convenience on the Road

Camping is all about getting into nature, enjoying fresh air and a bit of dirt and dust as well. You may be roughing it - but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the comfort and convenience of a sweet rooftop tent set up. In today’s blog, we’re sharing our travel hacks to make your time on the road with a rooftop tent even better.

1. Pick A Level Spot To Park

The key to a comfortable rooftop tent experience begins with where you park. A level spot not only provides stability for your vehicle but also ensures a more comfortable sleeping surface in your tent.

Now, finding a level spot for a car tent in NZ, the Aussie bush, or wherever you plan to camp can be tough, particularly if you’re in a rugged area. But here’s a tip: fill up a plastic bottle with water about halfway and then lay it on the ground - the angle of the liquid will give you a good idea of how level your parking spot is.

2. Take Advantage of the Storage Space

Efficient use of space is crucial in car rooftop tent camping. The beauty of a DARCHE rooftop tent lies in its design, which provides plenty of space inside as compartments to store essentials like torches, maps, and water bottles.

The DARCHE Double Dee Roof Top Tent boasts 100L of internal storage space and has internal and external storage pockets for any extras.

3. Keep Things Well-Ventilated

Good ventilation is vital for a comfortable environment at home and the same is true for rooftop tents. Keeping the air flowing helps regulate the temperature inside and reduces condensation.

Luckily, all DARCHE car roof top tent models have built-in zippered vents and windows. On warmer nights, opening these will allow a breeze to circulate. In cooler weather, keep them unzipped just a little to prevent a build-up of damp air while still maintaining adequate airflow.

4. Let Your Tent Dry Before Packing Up

Now, the durable and high-quality canvas exterior of our rooftop tents plus the heavy-duty rubber seals for weather and dust resistance keep you nice and protected - but always remember to let it dry before packing it up.

This prevents the build-up of mould and mildew and ensures the longevity of your car rooftop tent. If the weather is damp, or if there’s morning dew, allow some time for your tent to air out.

5. Keep Camping Accessories Close

Finally, having the right camping accessories at hand can significantly enhance your rooftop tent experience. Unlike traditional ground camping, all our rooftop tent models come with a high-density foam mattress on a solid platform, so there’s no uneven ground, sticks or small stones digging into your back.

But you can always take comfort to the next level with warm, breathable bedding and pillows. Additionally, consider accessories like awnings or annexes that provide extra sheltered space and the convenience of knowing your other camping gear is protected from the elements overnight. 

To wrap up, our travel hacks are all about enhancing your rooftop tent camping adventures, perfectly balancing the raw excitement of the outdoors with the comforts you enjoy at home.

So, gear up for an unforgettable outdoor experience with these practical strategies and make the most of your rooftop tent camping. And don’t forget to check out the DARCHE range of rooftop tents and accessories online and in-store before you go.

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